24 hour Approved towing contractor.

Factory Approved


We also use Audawatch, Bodyshop and a sms system to update our clients on their vehicle status whilst in for repairs.


What is Audawatch?

AudaWatch is a web based monitoring tool that will allow the Repairer to keep the customer updated with access to real time updates throughout the repair process. Furthermore, it is providing the repairer with analytical reports whilst improving their CSI.


What is Bodyshop?

Bodyshop is also a web based monitoring tool. The Repairer use an iPod to make a video of  the damaged vehicle. The video is directly sent to the client’s email address with repair comments. The client will receive a video of each department (Repair stage).


G & J’s sms system?

The client will receive an sms sent directly from TMS regarding the repair process. The sms is sent to each client individually to make sure the update is accurate.








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